Month: January 2016

Celebrate your waist

I know… it’s a week into the new year and you are in full blown resolution mode.  That 40 lbs has got to go and this year you will do it!  You will finally not cringe when it’s time to put on a bathing suit.   This time, it’s real.  … Well, girl, pull up a chair and lets have a chat. I get it.  You hate the way your pants fit.  The way your tummy sticks out one way, and your rear the other.  The unforgiving panty lines that adorable maxi dress highlights.   Every day you wake up...

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Prayer Journal

Inspired by Praying in Color (Amazon), I have began an art prayer journal.  It has been a wonderful way for me, a visual person, to experience prayer.  Not to mention, can be difficult for me to focus unless my hands are occupied.  Talk about a win-win! Bean (6 ¾ years old) expressed interest in it, so we sat down today to chat about it.  She instantly clung to the concept and sat down for prayer time.  She sketched and colored drawings of objects that reminded her of the person she was praying for and then wrote their name at the bottom...

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