Month: March 2016

Fun with Diffusing Paper

It’s Friday night and I told the munchkins they could stay up late.  Normally I would turn on a movie and let them veg themselves into sleep.  Well, oldest is on restriction from TV so that’s off the table.  What to do … what to do.  Weeell, I recently picked up some Color Diffusing Paper * from Amazon and have been wanting to try it out. We are going to be playing with this stuff for a while.   I am having a vision of the future… one where everything is decorated with diffusing paper for a few weeks....

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Body Tracing

I have a confession:  I horde art supplies.  Whew! That felt good to get off my chest.   Ok, moving on… After our Georgia O’Keefee project, we had quite a big of roofing felt left over.  The large size makes this material awesome for a variety of projects, including body tracing!  We headed to the park with our pre-cut sheets of roofing felt, chalk, paint, and brushes.  I admit, taking kids to the park and asking them to do an art project rather than play, may not have been my best idea.  All in all they resisted the call...

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