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Fun with Diffusing Paper

It’s Friday night and I told the munchkins they could stay up late.  Normally I would turn on a movie and let them veg themselves into sleep.  Well, oldest is on restriction from TV so that’s off the table.  What to do … what to do.  Weeell, I recently picked up some Color Diffusing Paper * from Amazon and have been wanting to try it out. We are going to be playing with this stuff for a while.   I am having a vision of the future… one where everything is decorated with diffusing paper for a few weeks....

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Body Tracing

I have a confession:  I horde art supplies.  Whew! That felt good to get off my chest.   Ok, moving on… After our Georgia O’Keefee project, we had quite a big of roofing felt left over.  The large size makes this material awesome for a variety of projects, including body tracing!  We headed to the park with our pre-cut sheets of roofing felt, chalk, paint, and brushes.  I admit, taking kids to the park and asking them to do an art project rather than play, may not have been my best idea.  All in all they resisted the call...

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Study on Georgia O’Keeffee

I came across this post from Mary Making and went right out to Home Depot to get some roofing felt.  This was such a fun project for our art co op.  We have a mixed age group (prek, kinder, and 1st) and it worked beautifully with everyone.  Even the Moms jumped in on this one. We used chalk instead of soap and it washed off wonderfully (after the acrylic is dry). The great news is that a GIANT roll of roofing felt is only $20 from your local home improvement store.  We have about half a roll left after...

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Milk Jug Igloo

I’m sure you’ve seen milk jug igloos around the internet.  We decided to try making one with our preschool co-op during our polar pear unit.   We collected milk jugs from the neighborhood until I ran out of space in the storage area I had available for them.  This gave us enough to form the walls, but not the top.  Which was fine because the project took longer than I anticipated! We used hot glue to hold everything together and I wasn’t pleased with the finished stability.  The glue wasn’t enough to keep the various shaped/sized jugs together easily....

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Celebrate your waist

I know… it’s a week into the new year and you are in full blown resolution mode.  That 40 lbs has got to go and this year you will do it!  You will finally not cringe when it’s time to put on a bathing suit.   This time, it’s real.  … Well, girl, pull up a chair and lets have a chat. I get it.  You hate the way your pants fit.  The way your tummy sticks out one way, and your rear the other.  The unforgiving panty lines that adorable maxi dress highlights.   Every day you wake up...

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