Celebrate your waist

Jan 5, 2016 | Blog

I know… it’s a week into the new year and you are in full blown resolution mode.  That 40 lbs has got to go and this year you will do it!  You will finally not cringe when it’s time to put on a bathing suit.   This time, it’s real.  … Well, girl, pull up a chair and lets have a chat.

I get it.  You hate the way your pants fit.  The way your tummy sticks out one way, and your rear the other.  The unforgiving panty lines that adorable maxi dress highlights.   Every day you wake up and the critical eye opens wide and turns on the loud speaker in your head.   Everything from the things you have some control over (gut is too big, arms too jiggly, etc) to the things that are not in your control (eyes are to small, fingers too short, feet too big, etc).  They are all ringing in your ears like screaming toddlers.

Can I share something with you?  I know, you’ve heard it before.  Let me say it again in hope that it will sink in:

You. Are. Beautiful.

Just the way you are, right now.

Take a serious look at yourself and the things you don’t like.  Then make a choice to change them or accept them.  Now let’s take that list and run it through a reality filter.  What is actually possible for you to change with your current life structure and schedule?  What have you been saying for the past 5 years you’re going to do and never accomplished?  Maybe, those things need to move into the “accept” category.   Here’s a dirty little secret I’m going to share… it’s a whole lot easier to change them after you’ve accepted them.  When your 40 lbs is no longer hanging over your head like a nun with a ruler, you are able to make every day healthy choices.  You are able to breathe away the stress and breathe in joy.  You may not loose 2lbs a week… it may look like 2lbs a month.  You know what?  That’s 2lbs less than you were.

I would never treat another human being as badly as I treat myself. I am loving and kind to everyone around me, but inwardly I am a mean bully.

Francesca Harris

A few days ago my friend held a waist bead party.  Her Facebook invitation featured an image of a beautiful waist decorated with strands of beads.  I laughed out loud.  Seriously – I did.   I am a 36 year old stay at home Mom with stretch marks and chunky belly fat.  I’m good on the beads, thanks anyway.

Then she started sharing more information.  These are not for show.  They go UNDER your clothing.  They are hidden from view and are for you (and your partner).  They are like lingerie.  Something underneath that makes you feel sexy and beautiful, even when you’re wearing yoga pants and a funky t-shirt.  In addition, they increase your body awareness.  You feel them through the day and they can remind you to engage your abs or adjust your posture.   As you loose weight, they slip from under your belly button to rest on your hips.  Or as you gain weight, they slide up.

At the party, the host was explaining that you don’t take them off.  They are something you wear 24/7 and become part of your identity.  So the ones at the party were made without clasps.  For my future ones (which there will be many!) I am going to make them with clasps.  I am a fickle artist and while aqua and coral are my favorites right now, next week I will need orange and navy.  The week after, gold and white.  Or some combination of rainbow!

My new years resolution is not to loose 40lbs, it’s to see this first strand of beads sit on my hips instead of under my belly button.  Ya know what?  Every inch between here and there – I am beautiful.

Alone in my bathroom, I stripped off all of my clothes. I stood naked before the mirror and looked at myself. I mean, really looked at myself. I wanted to see my body and acknowledge what I didn’t like. I felt that by doing this I could see the real me and finally accept who I am, flaws and all.

Here’s what I saw: my body is not perfect, but it is certainly not bad, either.

Francesca Harris