Study on Georgia O’Keeffee

Feb 4, 2016 | Preschool, Art & Creative Projects, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Blog

I came across this post from Mary Making and went right out to Home Depot to get some roofing felt.  This was such a fun project for our art co op.  We have a mixed age group (prek, kinder, and 1st) and it worked beautifully with everyone.  Even the Moms jumped in on this one.

We used chalk instead of soap and it washed off wonderfully (after the acrylic is dry). The great news is that a GIANT roll of roofing felt is only $20 from your local home improvement store.  We have about half a roll left after using it for our small group Georgia O’Keeffe study, a larger co op of about 20 kids repeating the same project, and using large sections to do a full body tracing & paint project.  Good news is that roofing felt is a really neat “canvas” to work with and I am sure that we will be using it regularly.  There’s a Dragon in my Art Room has posted several different projects that are very inspiring! A themed mural that we work on throughout a topical study in our homeschool lessons would be a great way to reinforce our lessons.

Most important thing? Have fun in exploring the process.