Winter Birch Trees

Dec 5, 2015 | Art & Creative Projects, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade


This month we are focusing on using various resists in our artwork.  Isn’t it great that one technique can be explored in so many different ways?  Tape, glue, rubber cement, rubber bands… the list goes on.  This is going to be fun!


Today’s Winter Birch Trees came from Art Projects for Kids.  If you haven’t visited them before, do it soon.  As an primary school Art Teacher, Kathy has gobs of experience in producing kid tested and teacher approved projects.  Good stuff. This project was a wonderful introduction to using a resist.  It was simple with a clear visual example of the concept.  Our group today ranged in age from 3yo to 6yo (well, Moms took a shot at it too, so I guess it was really 3yo to 36yo) and while the results varied, they all enjoyed the experience and understood the concept. Here’s what you’ll need:

Water color paper

Water colors

Low Adhesive painters tape

Salt (Optional)

Paper towels


For prep, tape off the border frame using painters tape.  I use the wide tape for this because then I can tape the paper to the table.  This keeps it still for the children, which is always a plus.  Shoot, it’s a plus for me too.  Let’s be honest.

For the trees, I preferred that the straight edges be torn off.  This softens them up and gives a more “tree like” feel.  It’s also super fun for kids to rip tape.   For the younger ones, I tore the edges off the tape and then handed the strips over for them to continue to shape as desired.   Once the tape trees have been applied, we went over them with our fingers to make sure the edges were pressed down.  We still ended up with some bleeding, but not too bad.


Next we swept off the salt and CAREFULLY removed the tape.  And by carefully, I mean slowly.  You can rip the paper by removing the tape too quickly.


Once the tape was removed, we used undiluted watercolor to add in the bark texture.  If you like you can water down your color and do light shading on the trees.  If you want to add some falling snow, bust out the white acrylic paint and dab it on.

Wahla!  Beautiful.